A Little About Me...

Many agents spend too much time bragging about awards they've won, how many transactions they've done, etc. I get it. The goal is to convey they are doing business. And in a profession inundated with part-timers, it's important to separate out professionals from those looking to supplement their income by doing a transaction here and a transaction there. Why does this matter to you? Well, would you go to a part-time dentist to have a cavity filled? Someone with little experience who maybe sees a patient or two every couple of years? Someone who doesn't keep up on the latest procedures and technology? I certainly wouldn't! Same with doctors, laywers, CPA's, the list goes on. When choosing to work with a Realtor, why think any differently? Shouldn't you choose someone how works in real estate full-time? Who has developed expertise in a specialized field? Or would you rather list your home with your cousin's friend's Mom's co-worker's son who has a license but has very little, if any, business experience, and even less real estate experience. And isn't really interested in real estate.

What do you, as a Buyer or Seller of real estate, really want? To negotiate a transaction with as little stress as possible. If you're a Buyer, that means finding a home or investment property. One that fits your budget. One that meets your particular needs and desires, whether it be a fixer-upper, brand new construction or something in-between. What do Seller's want? Top dollar for your property, and make it an easy process. In the end we're human. We buy and sell with emotion and intellect. When choosing a real estate professional you need a partner for the process. Not just an "agent". A professional real estate partner.

I come from an entrepreneurial and corporate sales/marketing background. I'm a real estate professional. A full-time entrepreneur. Real estate is what I do. I've won awards. I'm a Broker Associate (I have my Broker's license) and a "Global Luxury" agent. If you go to my Reviews page you'll find client reviews. I could put up many, many more. But they're simply words. Here are some words translated into action: I don't sell myself then stick you with a junior associate. I work hard for my clients. I have integrity. My product is my service. My service is my brand. My brand is defined by my referrals and repeat clientele. I'm here to help you sell or buy a property. Manage the transaction. Keep the stress low. Like an experienced professional.

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